Portfolio Review – Email notification

Problem – What problem did you investigate?

How should the email notification work?

How extensive and configurable should it be?

Is our design headed in the right direction?

Are our internal concerns about the workflow valid?

Research objectives

Evaluate a proposed workflow for configuring email notifications:

Evaluate a workflow for configuring email notifications.  Validate that users can navigate and create an email notification, specifying details and completing the workflow successfully.

  1. Looking at the product’s heatmap, can users successfully navigate to the right area for configuring email notifications?
  2. Can users start to create a new email notification setting?
  3. Can users successfully specify a connection, an alarm type, and an email recipient?
  4. Do users have sufficient feedback to know that they have completed the task successfully?
  5. Do users have any concerns with our UIs or our approach of configuring notifications on individual metrics for a single database?

Learn how organization currently use email notification.