About Me

My approach to user experience design and research focuses on a problem to solve.  It continually asks – what problem are we solving and are we meeting our measures of success? I am passionate about user research and believe in building software that is grounded in it.

I find that it’s easy to love a design solution and even dig into the details of how it should look and interact, but a great design understands the core problem and uses data to guide decision making.  Asking about people’s current work practices and their challenges provides great insights into the problem.  Usability studies of wireframes and interactive prototypes validate design assumptions for an iterative design process.

I love when the software is both useful and usable because the key stakeholders – designers, product managers, and engineers – were involved and committed to a data-driven design process.  I engage these team members to prioritize user research efforts, mentor research practices, discuss findings, and share outcomes.