About Me

My user interface (UI) design and research work focuses on collaboration software. For more than 13 years, I’ve designed software to support people working together, including their communication and coordination efforts.  As a Senior User Experience Designer and Researcher, my solutions account for synchronous and asynchronous collaboration, as well  as disconnected and intermittent network situations.  I believe in building software that anticipants and meets the end user’s needs.  I strive to build software that is perceived as both easy to use and enjoyable.

Using a range of methods, my work adopts a user-centered design approach and focuses on the end user’s experience. I research and analyze the target end users, their current work practices, and their needs. Capturing this information in user vignettes, customers, designers, engineers, and testers can all relate to the intricate usage situations. I use paper prototypes and storyboards to explore solutions. Working with paper, I observe users perform various tasks to evaluate both conceptual design ideas and detailed interaction designs. Collaboration software is not easy to simulate with paper, however. Functional prototypes and collaboration exercises are essential to observe and analyze realistic collaboration practices.

My design work results in more than just delivering usable user interfaces. Customer proposals and customer design reviews rely on my approaches to win new business and report on current work. Also, my User Jury templates, design patterns, and interaction checklists greatly improve design work efficiency.