Monetize Freeware: Sales Team Interviews

Interview process

Assumption: Sales Team is opposed to “nominal wear”


  • What’s your understanding of our Freeware user community?
  • Do you have experiences with organizations that chose Base edition over Freeware?
  • Have you heard of the new idea to offer a nominal edition?

Identify team members

Conduct 30-minute interviews

Collaborative analysis

High-level Findings:

  • Lots of assumptions around Freeware users
  • Who will sell the “nominal ware”?
    • Some concerns about detracting from Base sales
  • How will “nominal ware” be unique?
    • Regularly consult product-feature matrix
    • Users have other unmet needs


  • Directly learn about Freeware users
  • Need a business plan for marketing and sale
  • Investigate user pain points
Example: Collaborative Analysis